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Periodic Potshots

What's New:

    -- 29th March 2017 --

  • First update in a long time to this because have been making slow going of a new 3D interface for my Napoleonic wargames. In order to give people some reason to return here more compelling than the odd fix to typos and grammar have decided to start a monthly blog.
    I'm calling it "Periodic Potshots" and you can find the first post at A Starting Point and a table of contents at Periodic Potshots a Blog as well as above.
  • -- 25th April 2015 --

  • Mostly an update test. Fixed some HTML syntax. Removed "Histoire and Figuires" from links and added back in the OSG Napoleon Games link. Still plugging away in the background at a 3D interface for the Napoleonic battles software.
  • -- 27th May 2012 --

  • Fixed some typos and grammar errors on Battles page.
  • -- 14th February 2011 --

  • Added most of needed links to battles to People page.
  • -- 13th February 2011 --

  • Added most of needed links to battles to Timeline page.
  • Added some additional entries to timeline while was at it.

Currently in development:

  • Improved UI - with intuitive 3D graphical display of information and orders giving.
  • Front end GUI vs. backend resolution engine.

Already done:

  • A shareware game called "Napoleon the Emperor" which covered the battle of Waterloo. Registered versions added the battles of Ligny and Quartre Bras. This game was first released in 1996. It achieved it's design goals of being able to reproduce the historical battle with just a few hours of play. Unfortunately, the weakness of its User Interface and the AI for subordinate units detracted significantly from its playability.

  • Rather to my surprise I've found copies of this game are still available on Web-Grognards. Payment and ordering information in these downloads is outdated.

    However, if you've played the Waterloo scenario and feel you'd like to have the Ligny and Quartre Bra ones mail me by clicking here. I'll e-mail you a free but generic copy. No warranty and the offer may not last.

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