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Periodic Potshots

What's New:

Heroic Image of Napoleon on Horse

    -- 30th September 2017 --

  • Posted first cut at a map heavy high level description of Bonaparte's crossing of the Po and taking of Lombardy at Italy May 1796 as September's entry in Periodic Potshots.
  • -- 31st August 2017 --

  • Posted first cut at a map heavy high level description of the opening moves in April 1796 of Bonaparte's Italian Campaign as Augusts's entry in Periodic Potshots.
  • -- 31st July 2017 --

  • Posted first cut at a map heavy high level description of the Germany 1813 Spring Campaign (Lutzen & Bautzen) as July's entry in Periodic Potshots.
  • -- 30th June 2017 --

  • Posted first cut at a map heavy high level description of the Salamanca Campaign as Junes entry in Periodic Potshots.
  • -- 30th May 2017 --

  • Edits to May's posting..
  • -- 29th May 2017 --

  • Third Periodic Potshots posting for May on criteria for Wargame Design.
  • -- 2nd May 2017 --

  • More editing of second post.
  • Also have fixed date error for last "What's new" entry.
  • -- 1st May 2017 --

  • Some light editing of post for April. More needed.
  • -- 28th April 2017 --

  • Added post for April which attempts to make up for the lack of a bibliography for the website.
  • Added "favicon" - the little image to the left of the website's address in the address bar.
  • Fixed some spelling errors in first post in " Periodic Potshots ".

Currently in development:

Napoleon on a Donkey
  • Improved UI - with intuitive 3D graphical display of information and orders giving.
  • Front end GUI vs. backend resolution engine.

Already done:

Pensive Napoleon
  • A shareware game called "Napoleon the Emperor" which covered the battle of Waterloo. Registered versions added the battles of Ligny and Quartre Bras. This game was first released in 1996. It achieved it's design goals of being able to reproduce the historical battle with just a few hours of play. Unfortunately, the weakness of its User Interface and the AI for subordinate units detracted significantly from its playability.

  • Rather to my surprise I've found copies of this game are still available on Web-Grognards. Payment and ordering information in these downloads is outdated.

    However, if you've played the Waterloo scenario and feel you'd like to have the Ligny and Quartre Bra ones mail me by clicking here. I'll e-mail you a free but generic copy. No warranty and the offer may not last.

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